Career coaching, planning, and development in one simple starter package

IBM’s AI-powered Talent Development Starter Package includes the world’s first and only cognitive career coach, IBM Watson Career Coach, and leverages the power of IBM Watson Talent Frameworks to help your company achieve greater employee engagement, growth, and internal mobility.
Utilizing an integration-free approach, this 3-month starter package is a guided experience designed to minimize workload for your HR team—and helps reach all your employees with personalized career development.

79% of HR professionals believe internal mobility is important to their talent management strategy, but only 30% are satisfied with their ability to meet goals in this area.

IBM Smarter Workforce Institute, Making Moves: Internal Career Mobility and the Role of AI, 2018

Benefits of AI-powered talent development, powered by Watson

Boost talent development processes

Leverages IBM’s expertly curated job and skill profiles to boost your talent development process.

Employee matching

Goes beyond basic keyword matching to determine the capabilities and fit of an employee, matching them to internal opportunities.

Find the right job quickly

Provides employees AI-based analysis for insight into successful moves and future demand for key roles, helping them find the right job quickly.

Powered by AI

Uses AI to illuminate internal career options, reduce regrettable attrition, lower the cost of hire, increase engagement, and support skill development.

Part of the intelligence of this is that we can’t have an individual career coach for every person, given the staff levels you run. Everybody would like to have a mentor that can help plot every move that a person can make.

Bruce Van Saun, Chairman and CEO , Citizens Financial Group

Getting started is simple

Phase I: Getting Started
Together we will establish a baseline measure of participants’ views of your company’s career experience via an impact survey.

Phase II: Employee Experience
Employees are given the opportunity to experience Watson Career Coach to address common questions like “What is a recommended career path for me?” Employees can use this tool to plan their careers and even apply for a job within your company. In this phase, promoting adoption and ensuring employees have a smooth experience is the primary expectation of your HR team. 

Phase III: Evaluation and Planning
IBM works with you to understand the results of the pre- and post-deployment impact survey, develop an executive summary presentation, and prescribe a recommended course of action.  Working together in this phase encourages a cohesive, ROI-based approach to driving outcomes through AI-powered talent development practices.

IBM has a whole series of AI tools that have been proven to allow individuals to better find jobs in their company based upon patterns of successful career growth within their organization.

Josh Bersin, Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Analyst, Author, Thought Leader

Get started today

Get started with the IBM Talent Development Starter Package, powered by Watson.

Participants will receive temporary access to the General Corporate Functions and Information Technology subsets of IBM Watson Talent Frameworks.
This program does not include a license to use this data outside the scope of the starter package.