How IBM can expand the value of your mission-critical applications

Drive innovation and respond quickly to challenges

Core applications limit the ability to innovate and respond quickly to new market challenges. The next generation of industrial processes is powered by AI, machine learning, and other intelligent technologies (like IoT, Edge computing, and 5G) that enable you to make your business more efficient than ever. Begin the transformation of your core business processes by co-creating your strategy with an IBM design thinking workshop. Then leverage our deep knowledge from over 100 joint innovations with our enterprise application partners to help build intelligent workflows for your business.

Additionally, the front lines of your organization now require decision making in real-time. With 5G-technology primed for expansion, data from the edge will become more immediate and accessible. IBM has forged partnerships with leading providers like Samsung to equip your organization with the right 5G-enabled devices to stay connected to your business and customers anywhere.

Build a strategy and business case for modernizing

The average business runs about 2,000 custom workloads in their legacy ERP systems, yet more than 50 percent of those programs are never used. Organizations are looking to optimize and maximize the capabilities of mission-critical systems whereas approx. 90% of current applications will still be in use with insufficient modernization by 2023. IBM can be your trusted partner to convene enterprise application partners like SAP and Microsoft , build a business case, define the journey and upgrade, update core applications like ERP, CRM, HCM, etc. We have invested to build world-class tools/methodologies to help our clients define the business case and to deliver the results while accelerating the speed of their implementations and their time to value. 

Break down data silos that decrease operational performance

On average, <1% of production data is analyzed and acted upon in real-time. Leading companies need connected data and real-time insights from their core business applications with optimized, scalable, and flexible infrastructure. By streamlining your business processes, IBM can connect your data silos to provide you with greater visibility and improved operational performance. We can help advise, build, migrate, and manage on open and interoperable hybrid cloud platforms that securely allow multiple applications, protects against vendor lock-in and enables applications to flexibly interact. This hybrid cloud environment may have industry-leading deployment options like IBM Power Systems or IBM Cloud or any other leading public cloud.

Three critical elements to enhance your core business applications as the backbone of a smarter business

Optimize your investments to create actionable insights

The average business runs hundreds of custom programs in their legacy ERP systems, yet more than 50 percent of those are never used. With over 40,000 global consultants dedicated to platforms like SAP and Microsoft, we have first-hand knowledge of how to maximize the capabilities of these mission-critical systems.

Accelerate time to value with expert strategy and integration

IBM can help strategize, upgrade and integrate your core applications, shorten time to value, and help when it’s time to migrate your SAP environments to SAP S/4HANA with our tailored templates for over 100 industries. We can help unlIBM can help strategize, upgrade and integrate your core applications, shorten time to value, and help when it’s time to migrate your SAP environments to SAP S/4HANA with our tailored templates for over 100 industries. We can help unlock the value of your SAP applications. Unlock the value of your SAP applications.

Operate with flexibility and empower faster decision making

Deploying the right infrastructure for your applications requires both industry and technical expertise to discover opportunities around flexibly, speed, and insight. Companies continue to rapidly evolve business models and reconfigure processes to enable digital transformation. Many are turning to a hybrid cloud strategy, combining on-premise infrastructure with public cloud resources to drive intelligent enterprises. IBM provides clients with the most comprehensive set of deployment options along with a consistent approach to development, security, and operations across hybrid environments—including complete software solutions for business and IT operations, development, data science, security, and management.

Get started now. Spread payments over time. Flexible payment plans available.

Solutions and services to maximize the value of your core business applications

SAP S/4HANA Services

If your business relies on SAP, your digital transformation plans rely on migrating to SAP S/4HANA.  Understanding your key priorities and business imperatives is essential to a successful migration.  

Enterprise Application Management

Many enterprises are choosing multicloud environments to run their core business applications, citing greater security/resiliency, greater scalability and vendor choice as key benefits.  Managing these applications over multiple clouds can be complex, time consuming, and draw resources away from key strategic activities. IBM Enterprise Application Management services can help.  

SAP workloads on IBM Cloud

While SAP workloads are a critical component to your business, maintaining these workloads can be an expensive and time-consuming challenge. Let IBM focus on SAP management while you focus on building your enterprise.

IBM Power systems for your hybrid multicloud strategy 

Every new journey begins by making the right preparations. Hybrid multicloud is no different. See how you can seamlessly integrate your hybrid multicloud strategy and get the security and reliability you need to help your business grow.

Clients who have enhanced their core business applications

Juhayna | Brings revenue-driving products to market rapidly with IBM and SAP

Developing new products was the key to Juhayna’s growth – but adding new manufacturing processes and systems to an aging IT infrastructure threatened to harm efficiency and eat into margins. Today, Juhayna can onboard new manufacturing facilities seamlessly and without disruption, enabling it to bring new products to market and support its growth objective.

Sipchem | Refines back-office processes to cut costs, improve efficiency and enhance profitability

As globalization transforms the petrochemicals industry, players must find efficiencies to remain competitive. Seizing the initiative, Sipchem engaged IBM to integrate back-office processes, helping to cut costs and increase profitability. Executives can now focus on core business success, on innovation, and on winning in the global marketplace.

Leverage the IBM Garage to brainstorm your enterprise applications transformation

IBM Garage™ is a bold, comprehensive approach to innovation and transformation that brings designers and developers together with your business and IT stakeholders to quickly create and scale new ideas that can dramatically impact your business.