From a better way to run IT to a new way of doing business, digital reinvention is ongoing.

As business cycles shorten and IT environments become increasingly complex, the technology that is supposed to help is now beyond what humans alone can manage

Built on the IBM Cloud™ and designed to augment human intelligence with cognitive technologies, IBM Services Platform with Watson™ powers IBM Services to autonomously manage IT operations and deliver high service quality. The platform provides an effective way to run your IT using technology. Deployed to over 1,000 clients in all industry sectors and geographies, IBM Services Platform with Watson can make autonomous decisions, compose modular services from any provider, manage IT operations to keep the environment healthy and always-on, and ensure IT performance is continually optimized.

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Adapt to changing business needs with agility, speed and visibility

IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure (IMI) services deliver key capabilities to design, build and manage your hybrid infrastructure, with a self-service catalogue of options and service levels.

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IBM Services Platform with Watson features

An ideal pairing of human and machine

IBM Watson’s cognitive technology has allowed professionals to make more informed decisions and their best work better in areas like healthcare, big data and analytics. We’ve taken that same technology and are now applying it to helping run IT to allow for higher value, more innovative work.

Fueled by experience and investment

IBM Services Platform with Watson has been deployed to over 1,000 clients in all industry sectors and geographies. With more than a million incidents a month handled through automated remediation and assistance, incident resolution time has decreased from hours to minutes, and there has been a 90% improvement in the average recovery time for fully automated responses.

Data is power

Watson is constantly learning about IT and all aspects of managing a hybrid cloud infrastructure. IBM Services Platform with Watson leverages this knowledge to make autonomous decisions and to compose modular services from your providers with the goal of helping you rapidly meet your business needs at global scale.

Transform and innovate

IBM Services Platform with Watson is designed to provide superior solutions to help IT deliver on business objectives, leveraging a data lake fueled by multiple clients and years of experience. Not only can it manage IT operations to keep the environment healthy and always-on, it can also help optimize IT performance to improve service quality and reduce operational costs. 

Services powered by the IBM Services Platform with Watson

Take the complexity out of managing IT resources from multiple suppliers

IBM Cloud Brokerage Services can help dynamically configure and provision the right mix of services and provide full visibility across all your providers of choice.

Improve IT availability by automating IT fixes around the clock

IBM Cloud Automation Services employ dynamic automation to identify problems and predict issues before they have significant impact on your business.

Simplify hybrid infrastructure management

IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services use advanced automation and analytics to manage critical infrastructure components on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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Vice President and CTO, IBM Cognitive Services Delivery

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Associate Partner, IBM Infrastructure Services

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IBM Services Platform with Watson helps you run IT, so you can focus on business innovation.