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Overview of supply chain consulting

Evolve your supply chain services beyond restrictive, inflexible workflows for the real-time insights and responsive services that make supply chains resilient, help improve customer experience and reduce operational costs.


Cognitive enterprise advisory

Respond to market disruptions and mitigate risk through an extensive advisory service and supply chain strategy.

Intelligent workflow

Drive customer value by improving your business processes using a cross-domain approach to supply chain planning.

Tech-enabled process optimization

Improve supply chain processes with technologies like blockchain and AI that streamline and accelerate traditional processes.

Supply chain consulting and services

Supply chain planning

The right supply chain planning solution can deliver the resiliency and the agility to pivot in near real time.

Supplier collaboration

Reduce the time, cost and risk associated with qualifying, validating and managing new suppliers.

Supply chain control towers

Provide a connected dashboard of data, key business metrics and events across the supply chain.

Supply chain resiliency

Evaluate how to proactively prepare for unpredictable, yet inevitable, future disruptions.

Supply chain solutions

Find everything you need to know about the IBM lineup of supply chain planning and supply chain strategy solutions.

Case studies


Chemonics and IBM transform global health supply chains.


BASF and IBM explore how AI and machine learning can support smarter inventory decisions.

Kraft Heinz

Using AI-powered analytics, Kraft Heinz boosts consumer product sales.


Navigate supply chains quicker

Amid COVID-19, the right technology provides clients with real-time insights into buying behavior.

Enterprise supply chain disruptions

Read about the lessons learned in workflow transformation which can boost supply chain resiliency.

Tech-enabled process optimization

Predictive global supply chain planning is crucial to healthcare operations and can help improve global health.

Supply chain blogs

You'll find links to all IBM supply chain–related blogs, covering topics ranging from digital transformation of the supply chain to inventory disruption.

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