Reduce costs and enable application scalability

Accelerated portfolio assessment provides:

  • Rapid discovery and prioritized disposition of application and data assets.
  • Identification of applications and IT projects to idle during active COVID-19 and longer term consolidation for IT cost reduction.
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Identify areas of change in foundational processes

Operating model recalibration helps:

  • Identify core processes for continuance, idle and change stemming from remote work.
  • Identify critical roles and design for COVID-19-driven working skills, practices and policies to enable remote working.
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A cloud strategy to help define your success

IBM Services for Enterprise Cloud Strategy helps create a holistic cloud strategy that connects your business goals to your IT architecture. Our capabilities can address your specific needs, including: 

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Migration and modernization
  • DevOps transformation
  • Transformation and outcomes

Key capabilities

IBM Services for Enterprise Cloud Strategy brings experience with integrating traditional mission-critical environments with the latest technologies such as hybrid multicloud models and cognitive computing. Our cloud strategy consulting services can help you build a resilient, open, security-rich solution that creates new value for your business. IBM experts apply modern cloud adoption frameworks, workload analysis tools and techniques to ensure your cloud journey takes all your needs into account.

Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Provides an aligned business and IT strategy; application portfolio discovery with cloud platform recommendations; functional design and operating model with roadmap and business case.

Cloud Architecture Design

Delivers a comprehensive technical architecture and implementation plan covering infrastructure, containers, resiliency, workstations, management tooling, services and providers.

Cloud Security and Compliance Strategy

Offers end-to-end security assessment, risk evaluation and compliance considerations for cloud technology, DevOps and process implementation and management. 

Multicloud is the new reality

IBM Services for Enterprise Cloud Strategy uses open and secure multicloud strategies for application development, migration, modernization and management. Our cloud strategy consulting services feature the industry-leading IBM Garage Method for Cloud and tools to support every major cloud including AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud — in addition to IBM Cloud.

Key methods and tools

IBM Garage

The IBM Garage supports IBM Services for Enterprise Cloud Strategy through architecture to value realization with a focus on data, AI, security and compliance — underpinned by automated and AI-based tools and accelerators.

IBM Cloud Advisory Tool

As part of our cloud strategy consulting services, IBM experts apply modern cloud adoption frameworks, workload analysis tools and techniques to ensure your cloud journey takes all your needs into account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud adoption?

Cloud adoption is the path for implementing digital transformation. Enterprise cloud adoption requires a strategic roadmap that balances current and future technology. This ensures agreement on issues such as key measurements of success, appropriate talent, capabilities and the management system that you should employ.

What is cloud strategy consulting?

Cloud strategy consulting a is a combination of proven expertise, tools and methodologies to develop business-aligned cloud strategies and implementation plans to guide clients in transforming their enterprise IT infrastructure. 

What is a cloud strategy?

A cloud strategy clearly defines your required business outcomes on cloud with a plan for implementation. Having a cloud strategy will enable you to apply its principles quickly with fewer delays, thus speeding delivery of results.