Introducing IBM Security™ QRadar® XDR

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How can your team respond faster to a security incident?

IBM Security™ QRadar® SOAR, formerly known as IBM Security Resilient, is a SOAR tool that introduces efficiency into your Security Operations Center (SOC). It maximizes your security tools by integrating with them, guides your team through the incident response (IR) process with playbooks, and leverages automation to reduce repetitive tasks and allow your team to focus on the tasks that matter the most.

Accelerate incident response and investigation with IBM Security SOAR

Accelerate incident response and investigation with IBM Security QRadar SOAR (03:18)

Prepare your response to ransomware attacks

Build a comprehensive strategy with security tools and process design to improve your detection and response.

QRadar SOAR foundations

Collaborate consistently

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Respond confidently

Align your team's incident response and increase collaboration by giving your team visibility into incident progression and timely notifications, and by assigning tasks to team members, including key stakeholders from other business units such as IT, legal and HR.

Orchestrate and automate

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Empower your team to respond faster and more efficiently

IBM Security QRadar SOAR's orchestration and automation capabilities build dynamic playbooks that enable your team to adapt with new incident information and to focus on high-level investigations by reducing repetitive tasks. The power of the SOAR system is amplified with numerous integrations available with other security tools.

Case management

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Bridge silos between security and IT teams

Maintaining compliance requires your team to document every action and provide documentation quickly in case of an audit.  With the robust case management capabilities of a SOAR system, your team can keep track of security incidents, meet those tight audit deadlines, and extend their reach into IT with integrations such as Red Hat® Ansible and other popular ticketing system solutions.

Maximize threat intelligence

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Proactively manage indicators of compromise

Manage artifacts from an aggregate view to quickly access detailed information, maximize threat intelligence feeds and identify artifacts relationships with other cases in the QRadar SOAR tool.

Respond to breaches

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Privacy breach preparation and response

Integrate privacy use cases, such as data breach response and data subject access request into traditional SOAR technology to guide your team through complex regulations and process to meet compliance.

Explore IBM Security QRadar SOAR

Flexible deployment options to meet your needs

Open, multicloud security platform

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Use SOAR capabilities as part of IBM Cloud Pak® for Security, an open, multicloud platform built on Red Hat® OpenShift®


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Realize rapid time-to-value using software-as-a-service (SaaS) early in the SOAR journey


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Deploy on-premises through a virtual machine to support limited, existing virtualized environments

Accelerating IR for multilevel security

To successfully support and empower its incident response team, KBC partnered with IBM Security QRadar SOAR to orchestrate consistent responses across multiple entities in different European countries, better manage compliance notification requirements and gain better insights into its global security posture. 

QRadar SOAR resources

IBM Security QRadar SOAR community

Join a community of collaborative experts, who will help you take full advantage of the most advanced, battle-tested SOAR technology.

Developer resources

Access a global community of coders and a wealth of tools and resources to tap into the power of collective innovation power.

Privacy breach preparation and response

Learn how IBM Security QRadar SOAR can help you keep up with the complex regulatory environment and meet the notification requirements.

Unifying SIEM and SOAR

Learn how to build a tightly integrated security operations and analytics platform to improve security operations across the threat lifecycle.

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