More than 100 years of progress

At IBM, we believe in progress. We honor our legacy as we build the security tools of the future and commit to driving security into the fabric of your business. We believe that through purpose-built integrations and an open ecosystem, we can unlock power, flexibility and control in your environment.

IBM Security® QRadar® XDR is a suite of tools that integrate with your current solutions to extend visibility and threat detection to new cloud data sources.

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Why integrate with QRadar XDR?

Simplify complex security operations environments

Your entire security tech stack is viewed in unison to accelerate your threat containment and response.

Unify distributed data for a purpose

Access security data across your various tools that is aggregated and contextualized for investigations in the tools where you need them.

Maximize talent and skills on your team

Use your existing tech stack by connecting your own tools and the QRadar XDR Suite — without the need for specialized training.

Featured integrations

Cloud security

IBM Qradar interface

QRadar® SIEM and Amazon Web Services

Enabling AWS CloudTrail logging in QRadar helps provide visibility into potentially malicious activity, such as unauthorized changes to the platform. QRadar integration with Amazon GuardDuty can detect network-based attacks as well as AWS identity and access management (IAM) abuse.

Network containment

Reaqta interface

QRadar XDR, ReaQta and SOAR

ReaQta EDR autogenerates an alert of suspicious activity on an endpoint. That alert is escalated into QRadar SOAR. From there, automatic response playbooks can be kicked off by using the ReaQta integration to facilitate certain remediation actions, such as isolating the endpoint.

Threat investigation and response

XDR Connect interface

QRadar XDR Connect and EDR

A log4j vulnerability is identified. By using QRadar XDR Connect, an analyst quickly identifies an exploitation attempt by doing a federated search across multiple tools and clouds. The analyst can then create a case and run an automated investigation with XDR Connect to automatically search for related artifacts, giving a timeline of events and providing intel that can be used to isolate the threat.

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