Proactive CVE remediation offered in IBM WebSphere Automation 1.4. Minimize labor-intensive manual work.


What is it?

WebSphere Hybrid Edition is the comprehensive collection of WebSphere application runtimes and modernization tools that provides support for on-premise and major public cloud deployments, in virtual machines, containers and Kubernetes. Choose any WebSphere edition and deploy Liberty and application modernization tools to help you move to a cloud-native architecture, modernize your existing applications and support your existing WebSphere estate.

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Use cases

Cloud native development

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Cloud native development

Build new cloud-native applications with WebSphere Liberty. The highly efficient runtime is ideal for container and Kubernetes-based deployments.

Application modernization

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Application modernization

Reduce modernization risk, assess cloud readiness and refactor monolithic applications with IBM Cloud® Transformation Advisor and IBM Mono2Micro.

Support and optimize existing applications

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Support and optimize existing applications

Get the most out of your existing and future applications by taking advantage of flexible entitlements and modernization tools.


See how WebSphere Hybrid Edition can impact your business.


Explore the features within IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition and unlock the benefits of cloud native development and application modernization.

Client success stories

See how IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition helps run, modernize and create new Java applications


FlowFactor helped a transport provider modernize apps and cut deployment times >99% with WebSphere Hybrid Edition.


WebSphere Liberty helped Hera convert a monolithic application to a flexible microservice architecture.


WebSphere Liberty helped GBM provide an environment for customers to modernize their applications to flexible microservice architectures.


IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition named G2 Leader

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