The power of MQ comes to the mainframe

IBM® MQ for z/OS® brings the strength and dependency of IBM MQ software to the mainframe, enabling you to move data anywhere in that environment. Gain connectivity to IBM Blockchain, Salesforce and more.


Strengthen security

shield with check mark

Expect stability, security and reliability with MQ on the mainframe.

Increase productivity

gear encased in arrow circle

Simplify your infrastructure with a single common, reliable solution.


many lines converge into one

Use just one license to get IBM MQ messaging and connection to IBM Blockchain and Salesforce.


A strong messaging foundation

Rich connections

Connect to technologies like IBM® Blockchain and Salesforce.

Reliable asynchronous messaging

Expect custom code designed for IBM z/OS.

IBM® MQ Advanced for z/OS VUE

This enterprise offering for IBM z/OS provides a comprehensive messaging package.

Case studies

Grocery retailer

The grocer reduced the time it takes to move information from stores to the data warehouse.

A US government agency

MQ software enables routing and visibility for billions of transactions annually.