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The Micromedex with Watson difference

From multiple integration options to an AI-powered mobile browser upgrade, here's what sets us apart.

Evidence-based content

View evidence-based content on drug classes, management, IV compatibility, drug safety and more – sourced from 8,500 journals and 750,000 publications.

Accredited editorial process

Watson Health evaluates and curates Micromedex content using an editorial process accredited by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

AI-powered search

AI-based Watson Assistant rapidly searches libraries of drug content. Simply type questions in everyday language, such as: Are there renal dosing adjustments?

Natural language processing

Watson Assistant uses natural language search to find the most relevant drug evidence based on your queries. This means you get the information you need, fast.

EHR integration

Integrated delivery embeds Watson Assistant in any location within the EHR so you can get answers without interrupting workflows.

Context-specific search

InfoButton functionality allows you to quickly jump from drug references within the electronic patient record to information about that drug.

Mobile applications

Five complimentary mobile applications provide the same functionality and depth of content as Micromedex online.

Mobile AI upgrade

Upgrade to Micromedex with Watson for Mobile Browsers and conduct AI-powered searches on-the-go.