What it can do for your business

In the ever changing job-market, it is important to learn new skills for job readiness and career growth. However, candidates in some industries are unaware of changing requirements and skills. This reduces their chances of reaching their potential and limits their career choices. Access to career counseling services can help these candidates reach their potential in the career of their choice. The IBM Research Career Advisor solution is a scalable cloud-based system that uses cognitive technologies to provide personalized career counseling and extensive skills development.

Personalized Career Advisor

A scalable cloud-based system that provides personalized career counseling for massive skill development using cognitive technologies.

Job and Skill Recommendations

The system analyzes a candidate's profile and job descriptions, and provides a personalized recommendation of the most suitable jobs and required skills.

Content/Training Programs Recommendation

System connects the candidates with the training providers and mentors that can help the candidates in bridging the skill-gaps.