What IMS Problem Investigator for z/OS can do for a business

IMS™ Problem Investigator for z/OS® is a log analysis tool for all IMS problem determination tasks. With IMS Problem Investigator, the flow of events inside IMS becomes clear.

IMS Problem Investigator is part of the IMS Performance Solution Pack. The pack combines the features and functions of IMS Connect Extensions, IMS Performance Analyzer and IMS Problem Investigator. Together these tools help you to:

  • Improve productivity for problem analysts
  • Provide more efficient IMS application performance
  • Gain better IMS resource utilization
  • Obtain higher system availability
IMS Problem Investigator for z/OS

Dissect your IMS transactions

Track the transaction life cycle through IMS and IMS Connect. See transaction times, event latencies, response codes and more.

Identify database issues

Detect issues on the database side of IMS by revealing critical information, such as who updated a database, when the database was updated and how to reverse the changes.

Improve performance

Diagnose performance issues on the transaction management side of IMS by tracking transactions end to end. Use IMS Problem Investigator to determine where bottlenecks are occurring.

Increase productivity

Find the problem faster, more reliably and with greater confidence. You are able to select log files for report and extract processing, as well as rapidly drill down to the root cause of a problem.

Gain a better knowledge of IMS

Learn more about how IMS works from the inside and take the guesswork out of program debugging.

See the big picture

Replay the entire IMS transaction from end to end in a single product, from a single screen – Db2® and MQ events included.

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  • Determine problems interactively
  • Track the transaction
  • Drill down for in-depth analysis
  • Format and present log data from multiple sources

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