IMS Performance Solution Pack for z/OS gives you...

Dynamic TCP/IP management

Easily manage TCP/IP access with IMS™ Connect Extensions. You can dynamically manage TCP/IP transactions and DRDA requests, use a single point of control for multiple IMS Connect systems, and monitor and record IMS Connect activity.

Comprehensive reporting

Get comprehensive transaction performance and system resource usage reporting for IMS Database Manager (IMS DB) and IMS Transaction Manager (IMS TM) systems with the IMS Performance Analyzer.

Records and transactions analysis

Determine the cause of problems and trace the flow of events. The IMS Problem Investigator formats and presents log data, enabling IMS programmers and administrators to navigate, investigate, and analyze records and transactions.

Integrated support for IMS Open Access

IMS Connect Extensions and Problem Investigator together provide end to end analysis for problems encountered when running applications using Open Access to IMS Database.

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