IBM Connections features and add-ons

NEW – IBM Connections Engagement Suite

This bundle of IBM® Connections™ products brings together an integrated set of applications to help your organization perform at peak productivity by keeping employees engaged and agile. IBM Connections Engagement Suite includes: IBM Connections Engagement Center to create a personalized digital workplace hub. IBM Connections to connect and collaborate with colleagues inside and outside of the organization. IBM Connections Docs to create and collaboratively edit documents.

Activities organizes and prioritizes your work

Create a collaborative workspace specific to a business goal or project. Assemble a team focused on the goal and assign and manage tasks. Members rapidly communicate, share files and tools, and report status and insights far more efficiently than trying to do so across tools such as e-mail and disparate project management resources. Invite or re-organize members quickly and capture and update work in a central location to facilitate project management and reporting.

Profiles helps you tap expertise and get answers fast

A rich profile can be created for each IBM Connections user, including roles, skill sets and areas of responsibility. You can access this expert network quickly and efficiently using tools such as e-mail, calendar, instant messaging and the IBM Connections Orient Me add-on.

Wikis, communities, blogs and forums foster collaboration

Create wikis where team members can contribute and edit content. Use communities to focus on a common, broader goal. Blogs enable team members to present news and information and share comments — and micro-blogs enable you to do this rapidly in a fashion similar to Twitter. Establish forums on specific projects or topics and use integrated polling and surveys to gather and assimilate feedback. Bookmarks help you quickly find, save and share web-based content.

IBM Connections Files helps you discover and share files

Use existing networks to securely share and discover documents, presentations and images. Sync any files across folders, computers and mobile devices and tablets. Eliminate system duplicates and reduce the amount of mail in your inbox. IBM Connections Files is included with IBM Connections and IBM Connections Premier and is also sold separately. Supports Cleversafe and S3, so you can choose the architecture that best controls cost and boosts performance.

IBM Connections Docs enables collaborative editing

Enable teams to create and collaboratively edit word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents virtually in real time. An online document editor provides key collaborative services such as coediting, file management and contextual commenting — so you can see who typed what. IBM Connections Docs is included with IBM Connections and IBM Connections Premier and is also sold separately as an online office suite.

Integrated email and calendar optimize mail information

IBM Connections can include IBM Verse® email. IBM Verse uses analytics and intuitive access to bring critical messages and contacts immediately into view. It provides full-featured calendar, contact management and instant messaging. These capabilities are integrated into a single collaboration platform, so you can avoid duplicating information from email and calendar to disparate tools and optimize the value of your email, calendar and contacts.

Collaboration analytics optimizes your time

IBM Connections incorporates analytic technologies to analyze your activity and collaborative interactions. Based on that analysis, it presents and organizes priority information — email messages, contacts, calendar events, wikis, communities and more — as part of your workspace. The result is less time tracking what you are doing and more time actually doing it.

Compliance add-on protects your brand

Protect your brand and reputation and meet corporate, legal or governance requirements. IBM Connections Compliance provides compliance discovery solutions, including granular policy controls for content inspection, logging and archiving of social and instant messaging communications. Enforce acceptable use polices defined at global, group or user levels and reduce legal costs through fast and simple content review and retrieval and near real-time monitoring and alerts.

Connections Pattern and Content Manager add-ons: fast value

Rapidly deploy IBM Connections in server virtualized environments with IBM Connections Pattern. This preconfigured IBM PureApplication® Pattern can significantly reduce installation and configuration time and costs. The available Content Manger pattern enables you to create, access and manage content through an integrated content management platform in Connections, with analytics that help you discover relevant expertise and content in near real-time and in-context views of business activity.

Engagement Center add-on consolidates workspaces

Improve employee engagement, collaboration and communication and increase productivity, retention and innovation with the IBM Connections Engagement Center add-on. It enables you to use IBM Connections resources to create a digital workplace hub that integrates the content and applications users need to be more effective at their jobs. Mail, apps, news, files and social tools are at their fingertips through one interface, personalized to their role and preferences.

Orient Me add-on helps you work smarter

Add IBM Connections Orient Me for advanced analytics that surface information and people that are most relevant to you. See, at a glance, the updates and information most relevant to you and apply new content and people filters to improve control. IBM Connections Orient Me enables you to view updates grouped by person, community, or content, and suggests which people and content are most likely to be important and relevant to your work.

Customer case studies

Building a collaborative business network for competitive advantage.

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Electronics manufacturer cuts travel costs with multi-team collaboration.

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Promoting one of the world’s largest revitalization projects with collaboration tools.

Waterfront Toronto
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