Improves and accelerates enterprise risk reporting

IBM® Algo® Aggregation provides a highly scalable enterprise-class environment for aggregating diverse risk data from multiple sources and geographies. The rapid deployment and dynamic capabilities of Algo Aggregation for FRTB, SACCR and market risk reporting allow firms to meet regulatory and business demands, accelerate the delivery time and lower the cost of ownership. The software is designed for users to explore and perform deep analysis to highlight any gaps that need to be addressed and provide a clearer understanding of regulatory demands could impact your business
IBM Algo Aggregation

Provides rapid deployment

Enables quick setup of enterprise-wide FRTB reporting in a matter of weeks.

Delivers an adaptable solution

Loads data quickly from existing multiple front-office environments and risk systems.

Uses flexible templates

Increases analytical agility with highly configurable reporting templates that empower your team to work faster and more efficiently.

Efficient and economical computing

Minimize infrastructure and maintenance costs with distributed and resilient compute resources deployed as big data or grid computing environments.

Delivers faster and trusted queries

Uses graph databases for “what-if” analysis that understands the semantics of dependencies across structured and unstructured data.

Six reasons why you need Algo Aggregation

  • Simplify risk data aggregation
  • Rapid deployment
  • Deliver intuitive dashboards and reduce maintenance costs
  • Automate connectivity to improve accuracy and save time
  • Empower better decision making
  • Achieve flexibility and scalability