A prescriptive email storage data model

IBM® Content Collector for Email provides collection and archiving capabilities for cloud and on-premise email systems. It helps improve efficiency, reduce IT costs and meet legal and compliance obligations for message retention. Using a value based approach, it aligns the data archiving cost with the value of that data and enables you to design policies for reducing storage space while retaining access to frequently used data. It's one email management solution designed for a variety of archival purposes, including journaling for compliance, user driven archiving for adding email messages to business processes and for storage management.
IBM Content Collector for Email

Efficiently manage email

By differentiating and managing messages based on business value and filtering out irrelevant data, Content Collector helps you to control the growth of email data.

Meet compliance expectations

Manage eDiscovery searches, legal holds and records retention from a single system. Delete messages where appropriate after business value and legal or regulatory obligations have expired.

Lower data volume on servers

Reduce your storage, infrastructure and eDiscovery costs by eliminating the need to archive data that is no longer needed.

Messaging technology support

Helps organizations archive their IBM Notes® Domino®, Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Online and SMTP email messaging systems.

Key features

  • Searching for archived email
  • Restoring of archived documents
  • Archiving to a central repository
  • Applying retention policies to individual messages
  • Deduplication

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