Resiliency is your business differentiator

Resiliency means that your business is able to meet the highest service levels, recover applications and data quickly, deliver continuous service and reduce the impact of disruption.


IBM® IT infrastructure solutions work together to optimize availability, keep your systems running, detect problems in advance and recover your critical data.

High availability

7 nines

IBM z15™ solutions are designed for 99.99999% availability to support your most critical workloads.

Faster recovery


Instant recovery on z15 can help you achieve pre-outage SLAs twice as fast as compared to prior systems.

Protection against attacks


Store up to 500 immutable copies of data for forensic analysis and to restore production systems.

Industry-leading resilient server

IBM Z® — the platform of choice to reliably drive core business transactions — is your best investment for a cyber-resilient hybrid cloud that avoids single points of failure.

Solutions for IT resiliency

System recovery solutions

Restore service seamlessly and quickly for an experience unimpaired by disruptions, with a processing capacity boost to help meet demanding service levels after outages.

Analytics for batch resiliency

Gain insight into data interdependencies and vulnerabilities. Manage the recovery of core business apps using analytics and automation, reducing dependency on domain experts.

Resilient operating systems

IBM Z’s built-in operating systems are designed to predict outages, dynamically manage and balance resources, prevent failures, and restore services rapidly.

Business continuity solutions

Gain high availability, recover with near zero data loss and reduce recovery time from days to seconds in your physical data center.

Resilient storage

Designed for data-intensive, mission-critical workloads, IBM Storage extends resiliency throughout your hybrid cloud.

Cyber vault for recovery

Reduce the impact of cyberattacks with an air-gapped data vault able to store hundreds of copies of trusted data.

IT resiliency and business continuity services

IBM offers services, solutions and technologies for data protection and recovery, including backup as a service (BaaS), disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), cyber resilience service, and IT resilience orchestration (ITRO).

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