Innovations that accelerate your digital transformation

Your IT solutions need to work together to create a solid foundation for your organization. Learn more about how IBM IT infrastructure solutions are designed to complement each other and to propel your business into the future.

Server solutions

Enterprise servers

Highly compatible enterprise-class servers built to handle mission-critical workloads while maintaining security and reliability.


Single-frame and multi-frame systems that bring next-level data privacy, security, and resiliency to transform your data portfolio.

The winning combination of solutions + services

Putting your infrastructure solutions to work requires the know-how to integrate your IT with your operations. IBM IT Infrastructure Services can help.

Infrastructure solutions at work

A bank in a box

Learn how IT modernization is building greater confidence in the financial industry. (1)

The social plastic revolution

The Plastic Bank leverages technologies to create an application that helps monetize ocean plastic. (1)

The frontiers of AI

NASA is using AI to understand solar events, detect failures and expand our understanding of the universe. (1)