Solution areas

Upstream petroleum

Better manage information with AI and big data analytics to improve safety, upstream operations, exploration and production.

Midstream petroleum

Align your logistics with your corporate strategy and create a comprehensive system to manage information all on one platform.

Downstream petroleum

Use existing data to gain insights into manufacturing operations and identify recurring patterns to help improve efficiency.

Who we work with

Woodside Energy reinvents business with Watson and IBM

Explore the cutting-edge platform sitting seventy miles off the coast of Australia that marries machinery to cognitive business to become a prototype in its industry.

IBM technology

Use advanced technology and data insights to boost productivity, enhance exploration, improve safety and integrate operations.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover new roads to innovations by understanding complex data quickly and accurately with IBM Watson®.


IBM IoT solutions help connect devices across all systems and platforms, streamlining operations.


Transform your business and your ecosystem with agility and security gained from IBM Cloud™ solutions.


Improve efficiency and transparency and open new revenue streams with IBM Blockchain solutions.

Trends and news

Turning big data into insights

Cognitive analytics puts beneficial data and innovation at decision-makers’ fingertips.

Adapting to new realities in oil and gas

If tapped effectively, the Internet of Things (IoT) can provide a competitive edge.

Digital reinvention in petroleum

With worldwide input, we explore how the most successful and effective organizations operate.

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