Watson™ understands your business context.

Watson Workspace understands conversations — even the nuances of business language — helping  you quickly take action and make informed decisions. Plus, it learns from your teams’ interactions over time, growing its knowledge and mastery of your unique business, context and ways of working.

Turns conversations into actions.

It summarizes information, prioritizes next best action, and makes recommendations — cutting through the noise and increasing productivity.

Brings in conversations and information from your existing apps and tools.

It’s open and compatible, integrating with Slack and other tools you like to use.

Move from text to video, with one click.

Seamlessly launch Zoom video conferencing — the industry-leading favorite — from within Watson Workspace, making meetings more effective.

Customize Watson Workspace to work for you.

Use it as is, or build and extend it, to meet the specific needs of your business. Ready-to-use APIs allow you to extend collaborative capabilities and develop AI-infused solutions.