Saves knowledge worker time


Reduction in time spent by knowledge workers who dedicate 20% of their time to text analysis and search tasks.¹

Delivers rapid ROI


Potential return on IBM Watson Discovery IT investment over 13 months.¹

Generates revenue and profit

USD 6.1M

In possible benefits generated over three years by taking advantage of efficiency gains when using IBM Watson Discovery.¹

What's your potential ROI?

IBM Watson® NLP solutions can help improve productivity and lower costs of previous tools.

Use cases

Client relationship management

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Client relationship management

By analyzing many documents at once, financial institutions can use AI technology to help accelerate manual research by finding position and transaction insights that inform expertise-based risk management and financial advice. Employees can use pattern identification and predictive analytics to recognize trends, helping deliver better customer experiences and increased client revenue.

Investment research

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Automate the process

Financial services firms can use AI technology to streamline market research to extract relevant information from sources, flagging organization and sentiment changes along the way. By automating elements of the research process, financial services employees can assemble more robust reports and company valuations, which helps limit biases and decrease data management costs.

Trade support

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Operate with maximum efficiency

With AI technology, post-trade processing employees can spend more time reviewing information for accuracy and less time finding the right transaction details in big data. Agents can access details of buy and sell orders in near-real time for faster problem resolution and shorter settlement periods.

Client stories


Faster access to smarter insights

EquBot is a fintech company that makes the AIEQ, billed as “the world’s first AI-powered equity ETF.” It’s designed to give investors faster access to smarter insights from broader, deeper data sets. The solution analyzed industry reports and over 3,000 clinical trials on to identify healthcare investments opportunities early during COVID-19.

HCBC and EquBot

Uncovering new investment opportunities

HSBC, EquBot and IBM Watson have collaborated to deliver a first-of-its-kind, AI-powered index that uses Watson technologies with EquBot neural networks to uncover new investment opportunities: AiPEX. The project has driven over USD 250 million in product sales during the first few months.

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