Why should I choose IBM Cloud™ Private?

  • A range of deployment options, from private and public cloud to dedicated cloud, and a consistent experience across all of them — in a single IBM Cloud solution 
  • Core operational services, including logging, monitoring and security 
  • Flexibility to integrate with existing tools and processes  
  • Containerized versions of IBM middleware provide prescriptive guidance to optimize workloads using your current apps, data, skills and infrastructure 
  • Open Kubernetes-based container platform with Cloud Foundry for application development and deployment, along with DevOps toolchain integration 
  • Integration capabilities to unlock your infrastructure and connect you with secure access to public cloud services like IBM Watson®, IBM Blockchain and more 

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Why do I need multiple cloud platforms? Where does private cloud fit in?

According to Forrester industry analyst Dave Bartoletti, it’s already a hybrid, multicloud world. Over 75 percent of companies are already using both public and private cloud. Plan for a hybrid business model by empowering your developers, application owners and technology teams to work together to select the best platform for each of your important business applications.

How can I make the most of IBM Cloud Private?

Get to market faster, iterate faster and attract new customers faster — without sacrificing security or control by taking advantage of IBM Cloud Private. Breathe life into dated, monolithic software applications and run them within your data center. Move your applications to your own private cloud or refactor them for use in development and application workload models.

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What is containerization and why is it important to the future of my business?

Through portable packaging, containers enable a developer to quickly and easily build out the services required to support an application. Containers support traditional IT environments, public and on-premises clouds, without having to change the application. Additionally, containers are fast to start and stop, easy to share and extend and simple to reuse, making them an ideal tool for the high-pressure, modern development environment.

Containers provide an excellent platform to modernize traditional monolithic applications as microservices. With microservices-based containerization, developers no longer worry about application-specific breakage points. The additional orchestration from Kubernetes to organize and classify microservices provides developers with scalability and resiliency.

According to a 2017 IBM Container Thought Leadership Study, workload demand will require enterprise IT to containerize applications so that they can be moved into cloud environments and automated. This shift to automation is happening in direct response to the need for enhanced developer productivity and enablement.

Why is a private cloud necessary for some businesses?

When businesses are required to comply with government and industry regulations, such as data locality; to protect sensitive client data; or to build mission-critical applications, private clouds enable enterprises to mitigate risk by keeping data and applications on premises, while taking full advantage of the speed and scalability of public cloud.

What are the top technical features to prioritize when evaluating a private cloud solution?

Speed and scalability

  • Tools to accelerate development, testing and roll-out to production with Helm charts
  •  A choice of compute models for rapid innovation in enterprises, including infrastructure as code, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry
  • Component support for Terraform and Chef through the IBM Cloud Automation Manager to enable the orchestration of underlying infrastructure


  • Deployment models that enable you to use current, familiar enterprise middleware, such as IBM Db2® and IBM WebSphere®
  • A common catalog of enterprise and open services to accelerate developer productivity


  • Security across multiple cloud environments and providers
  • Automatic horizontal and vertical scaling of applications
  • Network and cloud storage policy-based controls for application isolation and security

Incident management

  • A set of common services for administrators, such as logging, management and integration for DevOps
  •  Common base services to support the scalable management of microservices, including Istio, monitoring with Prometheus, logging with ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstacsh and Kibana)
  • Automated application-health checking and recovery from failures

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Why is IBM Cloud Private the best choice for application modernization?

With an updated, enterprise-class Kubernetes distribution, containerized middleware and built-in layers for management and applications, IBM Cloud Private constitutes the missing link between the work you’ve been doing in your traditional data center and the work you are doing in a fast, flexible public cloud. IBM Cloud Private provides a secure environment and automated tools that make it easier to evaluate your applications, scale to manage cloud-based workloads and realize new value from your current applications. 

How will IBM Cloud Private benefit my organization’s bottom line?

Proving the ROI of a new initiative is crucial. IBM Cloud Private is a smarter business solution, because it enables you to:

  • Improve employee productivity and innovation.
  • Monitor applications running on the platform and quickly update workloads and the underlying platform, using continuous delivery techniques — all without requiring downtime.
  • Improve application quality and reduce defects.
  • Keep your data in a secure environment, in compliance with government regulations and industry standards.
  • Respond faster to market changes.
  • Manage the backup, recovery and disaster failover of applications containing critical data — automatically.

How do I get started with IBM Cloud Private?

Business leaders:

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Access a community-supported group of installations that you can use to install IBM Cloud Private Community Edition, using Vagrant software and Oracle VM VirtualBox.

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