Modernize your integration with the IBM Cloud Integration Platform

The IBM Cloud™ Integration Platform is container-based, giving you the flexibility to deploy across any environment with a Kubernetes infrastructure and support a decentralized and self-service approach to integration. Leverage your existing integration architecture in new containerized instances, enabling you to integrate new systems with applications and data from your existing systems.

“By 2022, Gartner predicts at least 65% of large organizations will have implemented an HIP to power their digital transformation.”

Smarter with Gartner - Use a Hybrid Integration Approach to Empower Digital Transformation (April 26, 2018)


Cloud Integration Platform provides a single solution for all of your enterprise integration needs. The platform provides a comprehensive set of industry-leading capabilities. Use any of them on their own or together through a single interface.

Unlock the power of your data and support the scale and economics required for all of your integration and digital transformation initiatives.

Data and application integration

Integrate all of your business data and applications more quickly and more easily across any cloud, from the simplest SaaS applications to the most complex systems.

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API management

Build custom APIs and manage their full lifecycle.

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Events (Apache Kafka)

Use Apache Kafka to deliver messages more easily and more reliably, and react to events in real time for more engaging customer experiences.

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Enterprise messaging

Simplify, accelerate and facilitate the reliable exchange of data with a security-rich messaging solution — trusted by some of the world’s most successful enterprises.

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High speed data transport

Send, share, stream and sync large files and data sets virtually anywhere, reliably and at maximum speed.

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Enabling reliable and quick transactions

Create a smooth experience with your customers by building a sales invoicing API that validates and posts the invoice to a processing queue for asynchronous processing. The API then sends a monthly statement once as a response to the user using API management and messaging.

API management  |  Enterprise messaging

A man stands in a greenhouse looking at a tablet computer to represent effective API management

Real-time alerts

Create a real-time stream processing application using event streams that examines transactions and decides which ones require an alert to the customer based on your notification preferences.

Events  |  Enterprise messaging

A large warehouse filled with stacks of items indicates the importance of application integration

Building personalized customer experiences

Engage with your customers by leveraging API management and events streams to build an application that monitors order confirmation from multiple sources. This app can then trigger an email from the CRM system offering vouchers to your customers who spend more than a certain amount.

API management  |  Events

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Benefits of the IBM Cloud Integration Platform

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Drive speed and efficiency while lowering costs

Cloud Integration Platform helps facilitate the creation and reuse of integrations, deploy integrations close to the source, and allow for a democratized and self-service integration model. These features can help you significantly increase the speed of integrations while lowering costs.

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Rethink customer experiences

Cloud Integration Platform enables you to access and act on more data more quickly, no matter where it resides – on any cloud, public and private, and on-premises. Turn your data into actionable insights that allow you to build personalized experiences.

A graphic that indicates that a cloud integration platform lets you make the most of your existing systems

Deliver more value through existing investments

Cloud Integration Platform allows you to leverage your existing integration architecture in new containerized instances. This feature lets you integrate new systems with applications and data from your heritage systems. Scale your integrations more quickly and move existing workloads over time.

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