The need for integration increases

To stay competitive, integrate quickly across your constantly-expanding application landscape.

To stay competitive you need to be able to integrate data and applications quickly across a constantly-expanding multicloud landscape.

Modernizing Integration Strategies and Infrastructure Primer for 2019, Gartner, Inc.

Traditional integration can’t keep up

Today’s most-common integration methods cannot scale with the rising demand for integrations. It’s time to rethink people, process, technology and architecture. It’s time for agile integration.

A graphic that illustrates how traditional integration causes delays

Agile integration enables business agility

Take control of your own integration. Enable decentralized, self-provisioned integration.

Fine-grained deployment

Take action to eliminate bottlenecks. Reduce the risk of destabilizing your existing interfaces. When you use containerization to break up your ESB into smaller, more-manageable pieces, you can expect improvements in agility, scalability and resilience.

Decentralized ownership

Help your SOA-oriented integration teams overcome the challenges of all the new services that are coming their way. With the IBM approach to agile integration, ownership can be distributed, and business application teams can take on integration work.

Cloud-native infrastructure

Use the cloud-native aspects of lightweight runtimes to take a fresh view of containerization. Help your DevOps teams interact with the environment and the solution overall. It’s great way to create efficiencies as more solutions move to lightweight architectures.

Integrate three times faster and while reducing costs by one-third with the IBM Cloud™ Pak for Integration.


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