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According to Gartner, "around 10% of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. By 2025, this figure will reach 75%." If you're a CIO in retail, manufacturing, distribution, banking, or just about any other industry, you realize that a more decentralized approach — an edge computing approach — is necessary to address digital transformation.  

But how do you manage and secure a topology with tens of thousands of edge servers and hundreds of thousands of edge devices in a cost-effective manner? The answer: IBM Edge Application Manager. IBM Edge Application Manager is an intelligent and flexible platform that provides autonomous management for edge computing. A single administrator can manage the scale, variability and rate of change of application environments across tens of thousands of endpoints simultaneously. 

This solution is a full-lifecycle edge environment that helps you to safely create, deploy, run, monitor, maintain and scale business logic and analytics applications at the edge. It can run anywhere and manage workloads on virtually any edge endpoint, including servers, gateways and devices. Edge endpoints run on containers and the Red Hat® OpenShift® enterprise Kubernetes orchestration platform, giving you the choice and flexibility to extend from any public or private cloud to any edge server or device.

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Key benefits

Better data control and costs

Minimize data transport to central hubs, and reduce vulnerabilities and cost.

Faster insights and actions

Tap into new sources of data created and processed at the edge.

Continuous operations

Run autonomously, even when disconnected, and reduce disruption and cost.

Watch how your industry can gain a competitive edge

woman at an ATM machine

Banking and financial services

Make ATM banking safer and more efficient with edge IT.

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Revolutionize and personalize modern retail experiences.

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Communications service provider (CSP)

Save on capital and operating expenses when establishing IT infrastructure.

Learn about edge IT for your industry

Discover what's possible in banking, manufacturing, retail and more with edge computing.


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