What is IBM Cloud Databases for etcd?

IBM Cloud® Databases for etcd defines the “distributed” in distributed server configuration management.

etcd uses the RAFT consensus algorithm to help ensure data consistency in your cluster. It enforces the order in which operations take place in the data. Every node in the cluster arrives at the same result in the same way.

Pricing plans

Displayed prices do not include tax.

Plan Features Pricing
  • Standard
  • Serverless scaling
  • Automatic backup orchestration
  • Bring your own encryption key
  • USD 0.58/GB-Disk
  • USD 5.00/GB-RAM
  • USD 0.03/GB-Backups
  • USD 30.00/Virtual Processor Core

The Standard plan

An IBM Cloud Databases for etcd Standard plan deploys as one highly available etcd cluster with three data members. Your data is replicated across members. The Standard plan is priced based on the total amount of disk storage, RAM, dedicated cores and backup storage that is allocated to deployments, prorated hourly.

Databases for etcd deployments have a minimum of 20 GB of disk (200 IOPS) and 1 GB of RAM per data member. Review the documentation on performance to see the importance of accounting for IOPS in your capacity planning.

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