Feature spotlights

Multivaulting capabilities

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Recover backup data and applications from more than one facility even if the production cluster and primary backup facilities are unavailable.

Web-based UI

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WebCC is a browser-based client run on the IBM Cloud private network and allows for full control of any Cloud Backup service, including configuration and restores. The new UI is more intuitive and responsive than ever.

Scheduled backups

Schedule backups for daily, weekly or custom intervals to target full systems, specific directories or individual files as backup sources.

Plug-in software support

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Allow for bare metal restores (BMR) and compatibility with applications like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL and other types of third-party software.

End-to-end encryption

Remove the ability to backdoor access your data with front-end encryption using NIST 256-bit advanced encryption standard, over-the-wire encryption using SSL authentication, and at-rest encryption in ISO Certified, SSAE 16 compliant data centers.

System image and granular recovery

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Restore from a previous backup, from one VSI to another within the same IBM Cloud data center, from another PC on Windows, or from a bare metal image.

DeltaPro Deduplication

Front-end deduplication reduces your storage footprint by up to 99 percent, and back-end deduplication further reduces your storage footprint.

Intelligent compression

Helps ensure your backup process is adaptive to your data types.

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