What are content services?

Content services are capabilities for collecting, governing, managing and enriching enterprise content to be deployed efficiently across any cloud and within any application.

Why do applications need content?

To reinvent underperforming, high-friction business processes, enterprises are investing in digital transformation. This requires processes and applications to have access to and control over a wide range of content, including documents, images and audio files.

Content services are accessible in multiple ways, including mobile devices and desktops, and as discrete capabilities embedded in workflows or applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This enables efficient, consistent and accurate content collaboration and decision-making across the organization.  


Create innovative applications

Save developer time and enhance business applications with integrated content services.

Extract content intelligence

Apply AI to extract insights and optimize knowledge-worker productivity.

Use cloud-native architecture

Develop content applications faster on any cloud with a flexible container platform.

See it in action


IBM named a Leader in Ovum Decision Matrix

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IBM named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape

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Case study 

Ferservizi creates better service at lower cost

With intelligent content services solutions, Ferservizi provides even better back-office services to keep an Italian railway’s operations running smoothly.

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