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Streamline your business processes

Consolidate business processes to control spending and protect margins. You can implement one process for all trading partners, regardless of their size or technical expertise. The software eliminates exchange of paper documents, faxes and phone calls with your small and seasonal partners.

Use configurable templates to create unique solutions

IBM Web Forms offers templates with configurable logos, layouts and colors. It allows you to rapidly create Web communities and shortens your time from configuration to connection with your trading partners.

Work with suppliers through a task-based view

The task-based view for suppliers helps them to be more responsive. Date-based event management and alerting helps to make sure your supply chain continues to function successfully. Suppliers gain greater visibility into the order-to-cash process.

Ensure compliance with established business processes

Web Forms offers business rule enforcement at the document and process levels. It allows you to enforce document choreography to prevent submitting documents out of sequence; provides document linking for order updates and document consolidation; enables partial to complete fulfillment without exceeding the original order information; and will automatically populate information.

Manage contacts through community announcements

You can more easily manage contacts with improved community visibility and reporting. You will have a single view into your community of trading partners and will be able to manage your contacts through community announcements. The software identifies unresponsive partners and helps troubleshoot issues; and provides visibility into the performance of your entire hosted trading community complete with community-based reporting.

Automate partner registration

You can automate partner registration and information gathering. The software eliminates the need to manually contact partners, form partner agreements and collect information. This helps increase trading partner participation and improve support of your smaller partners.

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