10 September 2019
Crowne Plaza, Belgrade, Serbia

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Engage with IBM @ Think Summit. Watch. Listen. Learn. Try. Enjoy!

Engage with IBM is an interactive space designed to inspire you to see some of the innovative and inspiring possibilities IBM brands and their solutions can offer. IBM Cloud Lab, IBM Systems DEMO room and IBM Garage will be open whole day, waiting for you to "knock on their doors"

  • listen to our subject matter experts from IBM Cloud, Systems and Services and try out IBM's latest and greatest
  • take part in the hands-on demonstrations on IBM Cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • talk and exchange experiences with IT experts in an informal atmosphere
  • be among the first ones to try out the IBM Garage experience

Cloud Lab@Think Summit. Create chatbots. Learn about cloud based application integration. Have fun.

Cloud Lab is the space where you will be able to check why IBM Cloud is the Cloud for smarter business - during the whole day you will be able to see how IBM can help companies on their journey to cloud from services to software and infrastructure, no matter in which stage in journey they are.

Come to Cloud Lab at 15:45 for a special session!

> 15:45 - 16:00 IBM Cloud Strategy and client references

> 16:00 - 16:30 Watson Assistant Hands On: Build your own ChatBot in minutes
Are you interested in creating ChatBots that could improve customer experience? Join us at our Watson Assistant lab during which we’re going to show you the whole process of creating chatbot in your local language, different use cases and how can you easily develop chatbots without coding.

> 16:30 - 17:00 Cloud Lab Exercise: Integration of your applications in existing environment is easy
You are not too deep in technical knowledge, but want to integrate the applications you are using? Synchronise your Salesforce leads with Oracle or Db2 database? Or perhaps to be notified on Slack when you get a new e-mail? In this demonstration we will show how integration of cloud based applications and services can be simple, including the integration with legacy systems.

> 17:00 onwards : Talk to our experts in AI, Analytics, Cloud integrations, Applications, Cloud Services and Infrastructure and get your answers

Systems DEMO room@Think Summit. Watch, learn, try out - IBM's modern infrastructure at your disposal. Enjoy your time with the newest and greatest demo from IBM Systems.

Systems DEMO room is offering you space where you will be able to check why IBM Infrastructure still matters - during the whole day you will be able to see how IBM can help companies on their modernization and digital transformation.

> 16:30 - 17:00: Power AI in action - Smart Agriculture: Mastering satellite data for crop recognition
Demo led by Stefan Idzig, Project Manager and IT Architect, IBM Systems
Have you ever wondered how to control agricultural subsidies granted under the EU Commision's Common Agricultural Policy effectively? You are invited to learn from real customer experience, how AI solution is bringing in productivity gains, cost and resource efficiency in agriculture. We will be discussing the business challenges, data, satellite imagery and derived indexes, different ML algorithms, and an end-to-end example use case which is applicable to other industries as well.

> 17:00 - 17:30 How to manage STORAGE systems in complex Cloud enabled environments
Demo led by Uros Gosar, Consulting & Services specialist - Midrange storage and storage virtualization, IBM Systems
Would you like to know more about IBM Spectrum Control Advanced? Demonstrate how to manage, control and optimize your storage environment (Spectrum Virtualize code based) through a unique interface.
IBM Spectrum Control Advanced (included in Virtual Storage Center) allows to adapt your storage infrastructure to meet your SLA requirements.
In this demonstration you will provision, monitor your activity, analyze & optimize data placement, and transform your storage resources.

> 17:30 - 18:00 H2O.ai AI for Financial Services
Demo led by Stefan Idzig, Project Manager and IT Architect, IBM Systems
H2O Driverless AI is an artificial intelligence platform for automatic machine learning (ML). By using end-to-end automation, Driverless AI achieves the high predictive accuracies comparable to expert data scientists. It also offers built-in visualization and interpretability which are critical to understanding, explaining transparent models. While Driverless AI supports a variety of hardware, it has been optimized to take advantage of graphical processing units (GPUs) supported by IBM’s POWER9 AC922 server. With Driverless AI everyone can develop trusted machine learning models. During this session we will Discover H2O Driverless AI by building a default payments detection model and utilizing GPUs supported by IBM's Power server.

> 18:00 - 18:30 Developing for LinuxONE
Give it your best in a quiz developed using the latest technologies on LinuxONE.
Get a peek behind the scenes of the technology used to create the quiz application and how IBM is working to engage developers with its latest technology offerings while leveraging their years of hardware innovation under the covers.

IBM Garage@Think Summit: The only experience that drives purposeful innovation and transformational change with the speed of a startup at the scale of an enterprise.

Leveragethe IBM Garage room and start your digital journey in a way that transforms the culture and mindset of teams and leaders. Adopt disruptive technologies that will help you build new business platforms that will bring lasting value.

> 16:30 - 18:00 Co-Create, Co-Execute and Co-Operate with IBM Garage
Experience unique IBM Garage practice with Vassil Ditzov, Digital Offerings Leader CEE and Darije Ramljak, Digital Services Leader SEE

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