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Data visualization

Data visualization is the process of translating data and metrics into charts, graphs and other visual reports. Information visualization helps you discover patterns and relationships in data.

IBM Digital Twin Exchange

The IBM Digital Twin Exchange is a first of its kind Exchange that allows manufacturers, OEMs, and 3rd party content providers to share digital...

IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud

319 Reviews - G2 Crowd

Uncover insights hidden in your data and drive growth across your organization with IBM Cognos Analytics.

IBM Planning Analytics

121 Reviews - G2 Crowd

An AI-infused integrated planning solution that helps you transcend the limits of manual planning.

Weather Company Data Packages

Weather Company Data Packages provide weather-based insights to help you optimize operations, reduce costs, improve safety and find revenue opportunities.

IBM Spectrum Discover

Simplify data for AI with a 360 degree view from edge to insight and reduce time for data organization and analysis

Rational Functional Tester

IBM Rational Functional Tester provides automated testing capabilities for functional, regression, GUI and data-driven testing.

IBM SPSS Statistics

763 Reviews - G2 Crowd

Explore a comprehensive statistical analysis software platform designed for ease of use and quick actionable insights to solve business and research...

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IBM Service Management Unite

Learn more about the customizable service management dashboard that brings mainframe information and tasks from disparate sources into a single...

IBM Aspera Streaming for Video

IBM® Aspera Streaming for Video is video streaming software that lets you steam any format and bit rate globally using inexpensive commodity networks...

Weather Company Energy Trader

Weather Company Energy Trader is a decision support platform that provides a global view of the latest 15-day forecast with dynamic alerts and...

Weather Company Power Generation Forecasts

Weather Company Power generation Forecasts powers your generation forecasts for wind and solar with our atmospheric forecast and power conversion...

IBM StoredIQ InstaScan

Cloud data management for risk analysis and compliance check

IBM Watson Studio Desktop

IBM Watson Studio Desktop helps empower data science and AI tasks anywhere, with data preparation to visual drag-and-drop machine learning on your...

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Explore this tool for analytics, visualizations, data preparation and self-service business intelligence for your IBM Z mainframe data sources.

IBM SPSS Complex Samples

IBM SPSS Complex Samples helps you improve accuracy, accelerate analysis and better manage data from complex sample designs.

IBM SPSS Categories

Explore relationships and predict outcomes in your data using predictive analysis, statistical learning, perceptual mapping and preference scaling.

IBM Clinical Development

Expedite and streamline your clinical trials with a unified SaaS Clinical Data Management System (CDMS).

IBM Decision Optimization for Watson Studio

29 Reviews - G2 Crowd

IBM Decision Optimization for Watson Studio enables teams to utilize prescriptive analytics to build solutions using machine learning and optimization.

IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics

IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics provides sophisticated analytical techniques and models to help you gain deeper insights from your data.

IBM SPSS Campus Editions

IBM SPSS Statistics campus editions make it easier for higher educational institutions to meet data analysis needs of students, faculty and researchers.

IBM SPSS Forecasting

IBM SPSS Forecasting allows both novice and experienced users to develop reliable, sophisticated forecasts using time-series data.

IBM SPSS Bootstrapping

The IBM SPSS Bootstrapping module makes it easier to test the stability of your analytical models and procedures.

IBM SPSS Analytic Server

IBM SPSS Analytic Server allows you to use big data as a source for predictive modeling.

IBM SPSS Neural Networks

IBM SPSS Neural Networks can help you discover complex relationships and derive greater value from your data.

IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS

Embed AI into critical business applications on IBM Z with an end-to-end machine learning platform

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