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Big data

Big data analytics is the use of advanced analytic techniques against large data sets, including structured/unstructured data and streaming/batch data.

IBM SPSS Statistics

770 Reviews - G2 Crowd

Explore a comprehensive statistical analysis software platform designed for ease of use and quick actionable insights to solve business and research...

Watson Discovery

80 Reviews - G2 Crowd

IBM Watson Discovery is an award-winning AI-powered search technology that eliminates data silos and retrieves information buried inside enterprise...

IBM Spectrum Discover

Simplify data for AI with a 360 degree view from edge to insight and reduce time for data organization and analysis


Explore this SQL-on-Hadoop data mining engine used by data architects and scientists to query and federate data across enterprise big data sets.

IBM Spectrum_Fusion

Discover enterprise container-native storage solutions for OpenShift.

IBM Power System AC922

Provides the data and compute-intensive infrastructure needed to deliver faster time to insights, creating an incredibly powerful training platform.


IBM SPSS Amos, a powerful structural equation modeling software, helps to support your research and theories.

IBM TS2280 Tape Drive

Gain up to 30 TB of compressed data per cartridge with next-generation LTO Ultrium 8 technology

IBM Data Management Platform for EDB Postgres Enterprise and Standard

Learn about a single source for the purchase, deployment and support of EDB Postgres Enterprise and Standard editions with IBM

IBM SPSS Analytic Server

IBM SPSS Analytic Server allows you to use big data as a source for predictive modeling.

IBM Integrated Analytics System

IBM Integrated Analytics System is a high-performance, optimized and cloud-ready analytics solution.

IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS

Explore this component, tightly integrated with Db2 for z/OS to deliver high-speed processing for real-time insight.

IBM BigQuality

Explore a data quality solution that offers a set of data profiling, cleansing and monitoring capabilities that execute on the data nodes of a...

IBM Big Replicate

Explore an enterprise-class data replication software platform that keeps data consistent in a distributed environment, on premises and in the...

IBM BigIntegrate

Explore this big data integration solution that offers a flexible, scalable platform to extract, transform and integrate Hadoop data.

IBM InfoSphere Big Match for Hadoop

Explore this tool for quickly matching and analyzing disparate volumes of structured and unstructured customer data for better insights.

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