IBM Z Open Unit Test details

Full stubbing and mocking for CICS programs

IBM Z Open Unit Test will allow you to stub and mock major calls for COBOL CICS programs, thus isolating testing to just the code you are trying to test and minimizing the time it takes to test traditional z/OS applications.

Data recording and playback

IBM Z Open Unit Test has data recording and playback capabilities for batch and CICS programs, allowing you to easily record and import data into test cases.

Test case programs written in COBOL

Z Open Unit Test generate test case programs written in COBOL, meaning developers do not need to learn a new language. Plus, these test case programs are non-proprietary, and can be stored in any SCM.

Test cases can be stored in any standard SCM

IBM Z Open Unit Test allows you to store your unit test cases, along with your application code, in any standard SCM for re-usability.

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