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The Weather Company Data Packages overview

Learn how The Weather Company Data Packages help you optimize operations, reduce cost, and improve safety.

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The Weather Company Data Package APIs

A guide to the APIs available as part of The Weather Company Data Packages offering.

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Core data API

Provides many essential weather APIs, ranging from current conditions and forecasts, to radar and satellite data.

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Enhanced current conditions API

Includes one of the highest-resolution weather observation networks based on over 250,000 personal weather stations.

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Enhanced forecast API

Includes a leading-edge forecasting, 200 meteorologists, our network of observations, radar and satellite assimilation.

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Severe weather API

Includes forecasted, real-time, and trailing estimates of severe weather data to stay ahead of adverse weather conditions.

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Lifestyle indices API

Helps organizations use weather events to better serve their customers, including many, varied health indices.

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Seasonal and subseasonal forecast API

Provides a comprehensive view of the anticipated temperature and precipitation patterns for various time periods.

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History on demand API

Provides businesses with historical weather observations to understand how weather has impacted critical business processes.

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