What it can do for your business

IBM® PowerSC™ provides a security and compliance solution optimized for virtualized environments on Power Systems™ servers, running PowerVM® and AIX® or Linux. Security control and compliance are some of the key components needed to defend virtualized data center and cloud infrastructure against evolving new threats. IBM's business-driven approach to enterprise security, in conjunction with solutions like PowerSC, make IBM the premier security vendor in the market today.


Security and compliance automation helps to reduce admin costs, increasing efficiencies.


Real-time compliance monitoring alerts the administrator when a security policy is violated.


Compliance reports reduce time and costs associated with audit report generation.


Preconfigured security profiles save companies time, cost, and risk of deploying industry standard security.


A web-based user interface indicates a datacenter’s security compliance.

Key benefits

  • Simplify security management and compliance measurement
  • New interface provides quick view of security compliance
  • Reduce administration cost of meeting compliance regulations
  • Improve audit capabilities for virtualized systems
  • Reduce time required for preparation of security audits
  • Enhance detection of security exposure