Feature spotlights

Deep expertise from lab experts

IBM will find a consultant who can work on your unique situation within a matter of days.

Quick access to consultants when you need them

Get access to a consultant without additional layers of approval that larger projects may require. Accelerate your time to getting experts on your project without lengthy approvals.

High quality lab assistance

Get help from consultants who are tied to the product.

Get help fast

Obtain the help you need to put out fires when you don't have the time for standard buying processes.

Bite-sized increments of services expertise

The scope of the consulting engagement is not tightly coupled–you define what you need.

Gain clarity

Work with an IBM expert who can help you with knowledge gaps and technical issues.

Services can be used for SaaS solutions only

These professional consulting services can only be used for Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and do not include consulting services for on-premises software deployments.

How customers use it

  • Expert mentoring

    Expert mentoring


    An industrial client needed expert mentoring for their digital process transformation. They were unsure how much consulting service they would need.


    They purchased two days of consultation. At the end of the engagement, they had become proficient with their solution. The client gained deep expertise without having to commit to a long project.

  • Hitting a milestone

    Hitting a milestone


    A financial client needed help hitting a milestone for a long term project. They had a knowledge gap and needed to consult with an expert to help with technical issues.


    The IBM expert consultant helped the client by providing expertise to help get over the finish line. The consultant filled the knowledge gaps by helping with application design and implementation assistance.