Integrates Hadoop big data

IBM BigIntegrate® is a big data integration solution that provides superior connectivity, fast transformation and reliable, easy-to-use data delivery features that execute on the data nodes of a Hadoop cluster. IBM BigIntegrate provides a flexible and scalable platform to extract, transform and integrate your Hadoop data.

Provides Hadoop big data integration

Provides a massively scalable, shared-nothing, in-memory data integration engine running natively in a Hadoop cluster to help bring enterprise robust capabilities to the data lake.

Empowers data profiling

Delivers a rich set of data profiling capabilities to understand the assets that are moved into Hadoop.

Improves big data navigation

Uses metadata management to help make sense of the enormous quantities of information in the data lake.

Applies big data governance

Delivers big data-related governance features such as impact analysis and data lineage on any integration points, enabling scalable analytics without sacrificing organizational insight.

Uses real-time analytics

Transforms big data projects with real-time analytical processing. Integrates with IBM Streams. Uses standard data integration conventions to gather and pass data to powerful big data analytics.