What the solution can do for your business

IBM® Decision Optimization for Watson Studio enables data science teams to capitalize on the power of prescriptive analytics and build solutions using a combination of techniques like machine learning and optimization.

It can be purchased separately as part of Watson Studio Premium for IBM Cloud Pak for Data which supports multi-cloud environments. It is also available in the IBM Cloud.

The solution enables better decision-making by providing tools like visual dashboards & modeling assistant to accelerate model building, optimization engines to quickly solve models and what-if analysis tools to evaluate multiple scenarios.

Create innovative solutions

Integration with the IBM Watson Studio lets you solve complex decision-making problems by combining optimization technology with data science techniques like machine learning.

Improve productivity

Validate optimization models more quickly and easily using visual dashboards. Explore trade-offs between different action plans in a single view using what-if analysis capabilities.

Experience fast time to value

Solve optimization models quickly by using highly powerful mathematical programming and constraint programming engines to address all classes of business problems – across domains.

Deploy as a microservice

Connect your business applications to an optimization solution that can be deployed as a microservice in IBM Watson Studio.

Why use Decision Optimization for Watson Studio

  • Drive operational efficiency
  • Easily deploy models on IBM Watson Machine Learning
  • Solve a wide range of decision-making problems
  • Simplify the process of creating optimization models
  • Easily operationalize your projects
  • Work smarter and faster as a team