Feature spotlights

Unique in-memory data processing

dashDB uses BLU Acceleration, IBM’s in-memory columnar processing technology. Entire datasets are not needed in-memory, no decompression is needed, and performs prefetching of data and data skipping.

Embedded IBM Netezza Analytics

IBM Netezza Analytics are built directly into dashDB, with multiple algorithms, including linear regression, decision tree clustering, k-means clustering and ESRI-compatible geospatial extensions.

Integrated R development and deployment

dashDB includes integrated RStudio for development and R in-database functions, operating directly on data in a database. A web console can be used to load data and perform analytics within minutes.

Security and privacy certified for compliance

dashDB is provided on a secure cloud platform and complies with standards such as HIPPA, ISO, and SOC. Robust security features also enable access in both a shared or multitenant environment.

Data migration, transformation and loading made easier

Whether it is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data, dashDB provides many tools and APIs for data loading fast and easy. Auto schema generation and data loading is provided for Twitter, Open Data, and Cloudant JSON. Load data directly from your desktop or cloud sources in just a few clicks. For migrating data on-premises, Bluemix Lift offers fast data loading and Bluemix Data Connect for additional data preparation and integration services.

Use in-database analytics or connect to integrated tool

You can run in-database analytic functions from within SQL. These analytic functions help you accelerate your application performance when you do analytical queries. You can analyze your data by using analytics software that you connect to dashDB, or by running R scripts from within your dashDB environment. You can use Esri ArcGIS for Desktop together with dashDB to analyze and visualize geospatial data. You can run R scripts to that retrieve data from and write data to a dashDB database.

Watson Analytics with dashDB makes your analysis smarter

IBM Watson Analytics is a smart data analysis and visualization service on the cloud that helps just about anyone quickly discover patterns and meanings in their data all on their own. Guided data exploration, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities, such as natural language dialogue, allow to get answers in ways they can easily understand. When using dashDB on Bluemix, you are just a few clicks away in accessing integrated Watson Analytics to get more value from your data.