Feature spotlights

Modernized data platform

Benefit from the agility and economics of a cloud infrastructure without losing administrative control.

Disaster recovery target

Can act as an off-premises fail-over target for your local Db2 databases in case of failures.

Hosted cloud database

Ideal for organizations with Db2 expertise looking for a hosted cloud database that gives them full administrative control.

High performance features

Provides advanced in-memory performance, columnar architecture, query optimization, high availability, data compression and other innovations to help you meet any cloud workload.

Easy integration

Offers SQL compatibility with Oracle, making it easier to integrate with a variety of existing applications and databases.

Enterprise security

Provides the same security features as on-premises editions of Db2 including full administrative control over table-, row- and column-level access permissions.

Hybrid Flex

IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform allows you to leverage all available data, no matter the type, source or structure. Simply purchase IBM FlexPoints and allocate towards multiple resources with a single, subscription-based license.

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