Feature spotlights

Automated deployment steps

IBM® Spectrum Protect™ blueprints and configuration scripts help reduce deployment time and guesswork by automating deployment steps and integrating best practices for small, midsized and large environments. Simplified solution bundles—such as IBM Spectrum Protect Suite and IBM Spectrum Storage™ Suite—can help you get up and running faster with easy-to-manage licensing that includes snapshots and popular backup agents for virtual environments, databases, email and enterprise resource planning.

Built-in cloud integration

This solution provides security-rich and cost-effective backup in the cloud. IBM Spectrum Protect container storage pools enable external cloud and object storage without additional hardware or gateways on popular cloud environments such as IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob storage. These container storage pools include in-line deduplication for efficient use of space and bandwidth as well as encryption to ensure that your data is secure.

Integration with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is a data protection and availability solution that simplifies VM and file recovery and access. It unlocks your data to provide value for emerging use cases, and can either be implemented as a stand-alone solution or integrate with your IBM Spectrum Protect environment to off load copies for long-term storage and governance efficiently at scale.

Scalable performance

IBM Spectrum Protect servers can expand to manage billions of objects per server, so there is less disruption and complexity as backup workloads grow. As data grows, IBM Spectrum Protect backups can be augmented with advanced agents and snapshots that can reduce backup and restore times for large applications and virtual machines. For example, IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot can back up 500 VMware virtual machine images in as little as seven minutes.

Multi-site replication

IBM Spectrum Protect Extended Edition enables backup data to be replicated on an incremental, scheduled or per-client basis from one IBM Spectrum Protect server to another. Replication is policy-driven, so onsite and offsite retention policies can be different. Plus, replication can be performed with deduplicated data, which improves network efficiency. It can also be scheduled during relatively quiet times to help reduce the impact on production applications.

Optimized data protection

This solution enables advanced data protection for current and next-generation environments including cloud, virtualized and software-defined environments; core applications; and remote facilities. Data managed by IBM Spectrum Protect is replicated to offsite recovery facilities for safekeeping. It enables fast, flexible restores from primary and remote recovery sites to help recover individual items, complex systems and entire data centers.

Reduced backup infrastructure costs

IBM Spectrum Protect can help save up to 53 percent in backup infrastructure costs. Savings are typically found in storage media, backup servers, data center floor space, power and cooling. IBM Spectrum Protect high-performance deduplication, compression and incremental forever capabilities work together to reduce backup storage requirements. For maximum cost flexibility, it enables a broad choice of storage options for backup data, including flash, disk, tape, object stores and public clouds.

Virtualized, software-defined infrastructures

IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments and IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot can back up and restore data residing in virtual, software-defined environments without negatively impacting applications and operations that share the underlying physical resources. IBM offers a choice in data protection options, including incremental “forever” backups and hardware-assisted snapshots.

A worldwide network of business partners

Working with IBM Business Partners gives you access to the technology, services and best practices to make your implementation a success. These partners can help provide a scalable solution that can maintain performance, efficiency and manageability as data grows. Visit our PartnerWorld site and search our database for a business partner near you.

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