Feature spotlights

Intuitive visualization

Self-service reporting and dashboarding features help users create informative, engaging visualizations without the need for IT.

Accessible data insight

Straightforward and productive data analytics help business users gain better insights. Expand the sphere of people who can efficiently work with your data.

Trusted analytics

Widespread access to curated data helps you reduce risk, stop debating over numbers and take more confident action.

Governed data environment

Enterprise-grade governance features help IT maintain control while allowing business users to work with data on their own terms.

How customers use it

  • Improving employee retention


    Organizations must be in tune with the needs of employees and be able to identify issues that could increase staff turnover. In a competitive job market employers have to find ways to reduce employee attrition.


    Cognos Analytics helps you quickly analyze data and share insights. With a deeper understanding of your data, you can better understand complex issues such as employee churn.

  • Improving data insight


    Companies that can quickly make sense of their vast amounts of data, are better able to achieve success.


    Cognos Analytics enables business users to analyze volumes of data and build dashboards and reports in minutes. Using analytics and sharing insight across the organization leads to better business outcomes.

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