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Share digital files using IBM Aspera Files

Watch how easy it is to share files & folders with simple drag-and-drop regardless of where the files reside

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Aspera FASP Performance Calculator

Use this tool to estimate your performance gains over varying distances, files sizes, & bandwidths

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Send digital files using IBM Aspera Files

See how users can send large files and folders globally to anyone with a valid email address

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Aspera FASP high speed transfer

Read how FASP achieves speeds that are 100s of times faster than FTP and HTTP using existing WAN infrastructure and hardware

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Aspera Direct-to-Cloud Storage

Learn how Aspera Direct-to-Cloud delivers industry-leading performance with its native integration into cloud object storage

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Introduction to IBM Aspera Files

This video provides a quick introduction to IBM Aspera Files by demonstrating the key functionality available to Files users

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