What is event streaming?

Event streaming lets businesses analyze data associated with an event and respond to it in real time. Businesses can tap into unused data, take advantage of real-time data insights and create responsive customer experiences. With the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, you have access to IBM Event Streams. This event-streaming platform built on open-source Apache Kafka helps you build smart applications that can react to events as they happen.

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Schema registry

Enable Kafka applications to use schemas to validate data structures and encode and decode data. Browse schemas and versions in the UI schema registry integrated with the message browser.

Enterprise connectors

Use source-and-sink connectors to link common enterprise systems, such as IBM MQ. IBM has tested, verified and listed many connectors created by the Apache community in the product catalog.

Scalable REST API

To connect to and send events from appliances and critical systems that don’t support a Kafka-native client, use the high-throughput HTTP REST API, which integrates with your event center.


Enable disaster recovery, make mission-critical data safe and migrate data by deploying multiple Event Streams instances and using geo-replication to sync data between clusters in different locations.

Security controls

Capitalize on your existing identity and access management systems. Map AD and LDAP group permissions to Kafka ACLs. Pass client credentials through to the Kafka broker.

Award-winning user experience¹

A simple-to-use yet powerful UI includes a message browser, key metrics dashboard and utilities toolbox to help you administer and monitor your Apache Kafka deployments.


"To process [our data] streams, we need a scalable way to handle the amount of data that comes in and that’s where cloud function fits in perfectly. We handle that data with event-driven architecture.”

– Fareed Ahmed, IoT lead architect, KONE