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Explore our full range of population health analytics capabilities for optimizing performance, uncovering trends and driving strategy.

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Population health data can be messy and fragmented, making it hard to understand and use. That's where Merative™ Health Insights comes in. Surface real-time, actionable insights that help identify trends and inform decisions – leading to better health outcomes.

Evaluate population health trends

Understand your population better by filtering by a specific segment – and visualizing the data in real time.


Interact with your data

Access a broad library of interactive dashboards and data visualizations on topics that matter most to your organization – and the people you serve.

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Conduct deeper analysis

Drill down into your population health data with customizable filters that allow you to sort by geography, business unit, region and other factors.


Monitor financial indicators

Get a quick look at the top-level financial metrics that underpin your business – as well as cost and utilization trends and industry benchmarks.

Investigate cost drivers

Learn how users can explore the specific conditions driving higher costs, in just a few clicks.


Scale your data

Unlock the full value of your data by looking at it from all angles – from macro to micro.


Dive into data points

Take full advantage of the interactive capabilities by clicking on specific data points to reveal more insights. Or create tailored reports that meet the unique needs of your different stakeholders.


Monitor costs

Identify the specific factors – including conditions, providers, medications, sites of service, and much more – that are driving your population’s costs, so you can take the best next step.

Uncover potential savings

See how you can tap into your population health data to uncover potential savings opportunities.


Evaluate conditions

Identify the populations, conditions, treatments and other factors that are contributing to your overall healthcare costs and utilization.

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Dig deeper

Use our predefined, interactive dashboards to understand various costs and identify areas for improvement.


Identify savings potential

Perform real-time savings analyses and get a detailed view on how different programs and treatments can help save money.

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