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Leveraging data analytics to improve network utilization

Want to discover how to use healthcare data visualization to understand utilization? Watch this webinar with leaders from Tenet Health and IBM Watson Health to learn more.

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    Webinar overview

    Join us to hear how Tenet Health and IBM Watson Health used data analytics to better understand how Tenet Health employees utilized company-owned facilities and company-employed physicians for health services. This webinar also shows how data visualization and mapping tactics help drive decision-making, improve employees' access and increase steerage to domestic health services.

    Featured speakers

    Senior Analytic Advisor, IBM Watson Health

    Nathan Stokes

    Nate Stokes is a Senior Advisor with IBM Watson Health's Payer and Employer business. Nate's primary areas of focus are measurement strategy and the optimization of data analytics to help support his employer clients' overall benefits strategy initiatives. Nate received his Bachelor's degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Business Administration from Towson University.

    Senior Analyst, Benefits, Tenet Healthcare

    Kelsey Williams

    Kelsey Williams joined Tenet in 2020 as a Senior Benefits Analyst. In her role, she supports the overall program strategy and day-to-day administration. Kelsey earned her Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Texas Christian University. Prior to joining Tenet, she served as a Senior Project Manager for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid-client sponsored survey research around the US.

    Senior Director, Benefits, Tenet Healthcare

    Betsy Harrison

    Betsy Harrison is the Senior Director of Benefits at Tenet. She directs a team of individuals engaged in program strategy, design and implementation, compliance, analytics, financial management, as well as partner relationship management. Betsy has over 20 years of Benefits experience. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Management and Operations from Midwestern State University. Prior to joining Tenet, she worked as Director of Benefits for a large CPG company.

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