The Data Differentiator
A data leader’s guide to building a data-driven organization and driving business advantage
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What does it take to be data-driven?

Organizations everywhere talk about being data-driven and infusing AI into their core business processes. But few people have the skills, foresight and influence to set an entire organization on the path to making data a true differentiator. That’s where you come in—and that’s why we created this guide for data leaders.

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We’re all passionate about the potential of data and AI to change business for the better. Shaped by chief data officers, data leaders and other experts across IBM and beyond, this guide will help you deploy the strategy, technologies and culture that are foundational to leading a data-driven organization that’s fueled by AI.

Four strategies to scale responsible AI and drive business results. Six steps to building a data-driven organization, from ideation to execution. Build a modern data architecture that fits the specialized needs of the business. Learn and adopt the 4 foundations of a data literate culture. Gain a competitive advantage with a proactive data protection framework.
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