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Welcome from Christina Shim
IBM Chief Sustainability Officer
Welcome to the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite Trial

Thanks for signing up – your trial registration is now complete! You will now be able to explore the features and benefits of the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite. Proactively plan and manage the economic impact of severe weather and climate change events; built on the world’s most accurate weather data.

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Frequently asked questions

I can’t login

If you’re having trouble logging in, first make sure you are using the email address that is associated with your IBM ID.

Need additional help? Email eis@watson-media.zendesk.com for help with login support.

What can I access as part of the trial?

As part of the 30-day trial, you can explore the benefits and features of IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite through the step-by-step tour that shows how an operations manager can proactively handle the impact of the environment on their operations with environmental data services: 

  • Exploring layers and overlays (maps, radar, satellite) 
  • Viewing locations/assets on the map/dashboard view 
  • Dashboard alerts/summary page

In the trial, you can learn how to optimize maintenance and operations practices with environmental insights and how to empower your teams with a consolidated view of environmental risks to your business. 

How can I access the weather APIs in the trial?

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, in addition to its dashboard visualizations, weather notifications and ability to monitor your operational sites, includes access to the weather APIs. Trial access to the weather APIs is available from within the guided tours. These weather APIs include:

  • Aggregate Forecasts 
  • Current conditions 
  • Aggregate Historical Data 
  • Location Services 
How much does the trial cost?

The trial is free.

How do I ensure that the guided tours are viewable?

In some instances, browser settings could prevent these tours from being presented to the user. Please ensure that your Ad-Blocker has been turned off for this site, and that 3rd party cookies are enabled.Here's how to enable 3rd party cookies:
1. Click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your browser
2. Click Settings
3. Scroll down and click Cookies and other site data
4. Under General Settings, click Allow all cookies

Will new features or experiences be added to the trial?

Yes, we’re going to be adding new features or experiences.

Can I change the trial language?

The trial is available only in English.

Can I enter my own data into the trial?

No, this is read-only user access. If you’d like a closer, more personalized look at IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, schedule a consultation.

I forgot my username or password. Where can I get them? View I forgot my username or password. Where can I get them?

Your username and password are emailed to you at the start of the trial. The email is typically sent up to two hours after you submit the access request. Your password expires after 30 days.

Can I share my username and password with my colleagues?

We recommend that they request access to the trial separately so that they can have full 30-day access.

Do I need to download any software?

As a software as a service (SaaS) product, IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite and the trial run on your internet browser. You don’t download any software.

Can I extend the trial?

The trial length is limited to 30 days. To continue exploring after 30 days, you can request access to the trial again, or you can book a consultation.

Can I cancel the trial?

Trial will automatically expire after 30 days. No action is needed.

Where can I get more information about the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite?
Explore the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite
How long does it take for my login to work?

Normally, the access provisioning process takes less than five minutes and you will receive an email when it's complete. Be sure to check your email junk folder in case the notification email lands there.

Key features

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite is an AI-powered SaaS solution that provides timely and fact-based actionable intelligence to proactively manage the economic impact of severe weather and climate-change events, built on the most accurate weather data in the world.

Environmental data services

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite combines rich data sets on weather, geospatial conditions, carbon fluctuation and industry-specific shifts, then displays them in a clear, customizable dashboard to help any business augment operations and make better plans for the future.

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Monitoring Services

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite provides real-time monitoring of weather conditions to help you predict the potential impact of climate and weather risks. By combining weather data, climate risk analytics, and carbon accounting capabilities, the suite's monitoring services give you the tools you need to make the decisions that can keep your business operating.

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Custom solutions

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite Solutions Builder is a modeling framework and application development tool that allows you to combine accurate weather, geospatial, GHG emissions and industry-specific data, so you can build custom climate adaptation solutions that fit the needs of your enterprise.

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Explore the use cases IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite: Vegetation Management

Vegetation management decisions are improved by powerful weather, satellite and IoT data combined with intelligent prioritization and reporting.

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite for insurance

The Environmental Intelligence Suite for insurance offers new ways to drive engagement, loyalty and retention of the company’s policyholders when faced with severe weather.

Forecast potential tree-related outages in your territory

Environmental Intelligence Suite: Vegetation Management helps you gain enhanced visibility into the trees in your service territory.

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite for Retail

Weather data allows retailers to forecast changing demand and modify their inventories and staffing, becoming more resilient to uncertainty.

Outage prediction

Accurate, reliable weather data helps utility companies know when—and when not—to mobilize during storms and possible outages.

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite for ground transportation

Weather data empowers dispatch and drivers to make in-the-moment decisions that help keep ground transportation businesses moving.

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