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Short history of Startup with IBM Accelerator Sweden

The beginnings

In 2017 a team of IBMers passionate about entrepreneurship thought it was time IBM contributed to the growing startup tech sector in Sweden. They began with a hypothesis on key problems founders faced that IBM could be uniquely positioned to help solve. With help from a veteran serial entrepreneur they got out of the building met with more than a hundred founders during the year to iterate.

Eventually market fit was found in helping B2B entrepreneurs in major industry verticals with a number of key business- and tech challenges. IBM’s capabilities in selling to corporates, value based pricing, access to market and establishing sales channels was validated as common problems. In tech, open architectures, security by design and service availability was identified areas in addition to advise on use of the latest technologies.

The startup with IBM Sweden program was officially launched in 2018 and have since then continuously collaborated with startup teams.

Paying it forward

IBM’s startup collaborations are today part of the innovation contributions we bring to our corporate clients. We find pride in paying it forward and helping the next generation Swedish companies succeed like we have contributed to corporations and society for the last 90+ years in Sweden. Find some glimpses of IBM in Sweden here.

Meet the team An experienced team with technical and B2B business skills and with great networks inside IBM and in the IBM ecosystem. Jan Braf

Technology & Business advisor

“Absolutely love hearing about new ideas and seeing the eyes sparkle when the entrepreneur explains their idea. With each innovation the world becomes a little bit better!”

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Martin Eriksson

Marketing advisor

“Startups are so passionate about their ideas and businesses so if I can help them forward faster with marketing advice or support I am very pleased to do so.”

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Frode Langmoen

Technology & Business advisor

"Building ecosystems of startups, scaleups and enterprises is the way to create innovation and new solutions"

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Urban Roth

Program Leader

“We founded startup with IBM accelerator to channel our own and other IBMers passion and expertise to accelerate those who want to make a difference, for business, society and the world."

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Stefan Terelius

Engagement Leader

"The beauty of working in the accelerator team is to be a part of something where the content is ever-changing and together we drive innovation both from the business and technical side."

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Colin Williams

Industry & Business advisor

“Advising our starts up to accelerate their ideation into business offerings is a key strategy for Swedish Industry to evolve!”

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Douglas Burgman

Cloud Advisor

"It is exciting and interesting to work with innovative startups and guide them on their Cloud-journey."

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Katarina Attebrant

Industry & Business Advisor

“Our society needs the innovation and the brilliant ideas from the startup community and I’m very happy I have the opportunity to contribute as an advisor in the accelerator.”

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Maria Ericsson

Industry & Business Advisor

“Working with start-up companies is incredibly inspiring - to stay in touch with how entrepreneurs think about using our technology to change the world.”

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Important read

Sweden follows the Startup with IBM

The Startup with IBM Accelerator Sweden program is based on top of IBM’s cloud program for Startups. The Cloud Program is offered independently and is available to all startups meeting the basic criteria. Check it out and apply here.

IBM has similar programs in other countries and cities, some of them are listed below:

  • Paris/France
  • Tel Aviv/Israel
  • Toronto/Canada.
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