The Why and How Behind Salesforce Data Protection
Salesforce stores business-critical information, while risks to data from external and internal threats continues to grow. In this report learn how you can protect your important data assets.
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What would happen if you lost your Salesforce data?

Salesforce includes built-in redundancy and service availability for it's service, but it doesn't extend that to the availability or protection of your data. With a rapidly evolving threat landscape including cyber-criminal activity, natural disasters, malicious insiders, and accidental deletion of data by users, organizations are discovering that their growing use of Salesforce has exposed a new point of vulnerability in their cyber-defenses. 

In this report from the Evaluator Group, you'll discover the following:

  • Common data security¬†challenges during Salesforce deployments
  • Customer requirement capabilities for enterprise-grade data protection
  • How IBM Storage Protect for Cloud provides protection where needed for Salesforce installations


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